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What we are all asking...

How can we help?

How can we survive?

How can we build community with the people who have supported us over the years?


We can create a webstore for you to sell both branded merch and gift cards to help you raise money for your team and ours during these tough times.

Step 1 - Concept

- Send us artwork or have us create it for you.

- Select items and colors to sell

- Choose how long do you want the store open (2 weeks is recommended)

Screen Printing Fundraiser 1.png

Step 2 - Setup

- Select final selling price

- Add videos, photos or stories

- Share the link to store or embid it into your website


Screen Printing Fundraiser 2.png


After the store closes we print, pack and ship the orders to your loyal customers!



Screen Printing Fundraiser 3.png


- No upfront costs.

- No inventory, we only produce what is sold.

- Raise funds for your staff during the Covid19 pendemic. (This is perfect for restaurants, bars and small businesses)

- Give your customers a way to support you and get cool swag in return.

- Help another small business in your community.

- You promote the webstore. We take care of the rest.

Screen Printing Fundraiser 4.png


There is no cost to you. This is risk free.

We price the items at our standard 24 piece order. We add a $5 per piece flat rate for setup of the store, fulfillment and shipping of the items. You will have no leftovers we print what is sold.

You decide the final price on top of our prices. At the end of the sale we will provide you with a check for the difference.


How has Grandstand Apparel been affected?

We provide custom apparel and promotional products to small and large businesses. These items are used for many things including conferences, tradeshows and youth sports that are being canceled or postponed due to Covid19. With these events being cancelled our clients are not needing our services at this time. 

Thank you! Someone will contact you shortly.

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